Commercials & Direct Response Advertising

Michael Dugan has over 20 years experience writing and directing. He has made hundreds of short-form commercials and long-form infomercials for the top Advertising Agencies and Direct Response Television Marketers. His productions have generated well over $1 Billion dollars, and include blockbuster successes.

He launched the "Roomba" with the first infomercial for this Robotic Vacuum that is now a household word. He generated millions of dollars in sales for "Snuggie", "Shaq Air Fryer", "Emeril Pizza Grill", "Celebrity HourGlass", "Rechargeable Twitching Lure", "Nyquil", "Cool Whip Topping", "ClearTV Antenna", "PowerXL Grill AirFryer Combo", "PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer", "Flexable Hose", "Power Fit", "Genie Bra", and many more.