Production Made Easy.


Do you need to shoot for 3 days with a crew of 35 on the North Face of the Grand Canyon where there are no hotels, no inhabitants, and the nearest paved road is 85 miles away? Coors Beer did, and Michael Dugan made it happen.

Is it possible to make a 94 minute feature on 35 mm film and get it into the theatres in New York and Los Angeles and on HBO on a budget of only $50,000? Yes it is, and Thrill Street did it.

Can you shoot two network commercials in High Definition with two major celebrities who can't see each other or know
the other one is doing the same thing - all in the same place on the same day? Thrill Street pulled it off, and for a fraction
of what a New York or LA production company will charge.


If you want network, award winning quality production, you can depend on Thrill Street. With over 25 years as a writer, director, and producer, Michael Dugan can create, produce, and deliver a winning campaign for any client no matter how large or small. His writing has set sales records and won Emmy Awards. As a Director, he won the "Best Director" award
at the New York Independent Film Festival, and he has helmed hundreds of trophy-winning commercials and infomercials.

As a producer, there is no one anywhere who has his unique combination of creative talent, business background, and 25 years of film and television production experience. Michael learned the craft of production from Clio winning Directors and Academy Award winning cinematographers and actors. He has shot everywhere from underwater in the Caribbean to high above the tree line in the snow-capped Rockies. He has coordinated shoots with helicopters, air craft carriers, explosions, stunts, fighter jets, and even several battalions of soldiers.


Thrill Street's successful productions include feature films, network and syndicated television programs, commercials, infomercials, and even corporate presentations. The key is in the details of planning, scheduling, organizing, and selecting the right elements to make the production excel and the final cut exceptional.

No matter what production challenge you face, Thrill Street can provide the solution that makes it come alive on the screen on-time and on budget.